"Convocation Address"





"Swami Adi Sankaracharya"

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"Teacher-Student Peace-Invocation"

"A True Brahmanan "

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"Hindu Commandments in Seven Waves of thought"

"Life is a constant flow of Experiences"

"Mentally ill Citizens"

"Atma is Witness"and not Participating!

"The Sun from behind the Clouds"

"Isvara Krupa" or "Atma Sakti" or "Glory of the Kundalini" ( Mental Capacity)

"Sri Rama Navami" ( Sri Rama Jayanthi):

"Spider, Herbs and Plants, Hairs groth" Triple analogies to explain the Creation of the Universe:

"Divine Principle OM ( A.U.M)"

"Four-Fold Path"

"Bharatheeya Philosophy"


"What is Maayaa"- Swami Adi Sankaracharya.

"This Type of Existence" - mere children.

"Ratha kalpana"

" Susumna Nerve ": ---

"Principal of Existence": ---

"Divinity in Human Nature and Qualities of a Perfect Human Being " :.....

"BG- CH-4., Slokam 21 to 25."